Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4

Interest on Arrears Revenue Payments

(Bhadra Badi 13, 1887) (44/77-78)

Captain Bira Bhadra kunwar was ordered to collect intcrest on srrears of revenue payments due from chaudharis.kanugoyes, the districts of Saptari and Mahottari who Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 did not complete payment unaer the Panchashala (five-year contract) system within the stipulated time limit,

^ Ferry servicees in cheinpur

(Bhadra Badi 13, 1887) (44/78)

Dhandeo Majhi had been oprating ferry services at Belaharaghat, and using 120 muris of Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 rice lands in consideration of these services, Subsequenty, he was replaced by Dalya Majhi. However, Dalya Majhi left that place after sixteen years. Dhande Majhi was therefore reinstated.

^ Restoration Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 of Land

(Bhadra Badi 30, 1887) (44/79).

In 1861 Vikrama, Bababhadra Pokhrel had been granted 100 bighas of land in Klalisa, Saptari district, as Birta. In 1879, Subba Kulannanda Jha, while inspecting Birta lands, held that 29 more bighas had been utilized Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4. He appropriated the entire holding to recovered payments due to him. After these payments were completed, the lands were restored to Balabhadra Pokhrel's son Rantanidhi Pokhrel.

^ Reconfirmation of Nankar Lands

(Bhadra Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 Badi 30, 1887) (44/70).

The family of Lata Gurau had been holding lands or Nankar tenure in Belod, Marjyadpur district. Because of harassement created by local officials, the lands had reverted to waste. These lands were Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 now restored to Lata Guaru in consideratioin of his services as Garau.



^ Supply of Ghee

(Bhadra Sudi 1, 1887) (44/80).

Some pasture lands at Khemti (Chisankhu) had been detached from the local royal cattle-farm Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4, and granted to Meghavarna Basnyat against the supply of 21 dharnis of ghee every year. These lands were now granted to Kulananda Jaisi against the supply of 25 dharnis of ghee every year Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 to the Kot-Bhandar.

^ Sully of Brocade

(Bhadra Sudi 6, 1887) (44/81)

Kaji Bakhtwar Simha was ordered to pay Rs 1,824 to Hardoeo Bharthe with the revenues of Palpa in consideration of the supply of brocade Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 to the Tosakhana.

Hulak Services in Sahule and Simpal Villages

(Bhadra Sudi 8, 1887) (44/81-82)

Royal order to sixteen households each in the villages of Sahule and Simpal; ''You are hereby ordered to provide Hulak services Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 for the transportation of arms and ammunition between Nepal and Tibet, as well as saltpeter, copper, iron, lead, oash, sick persons, and goods belonging to the royal palace as ordered by General (Bhimsen Thapa Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4), without the slightest delay. Do not Kajis, Sardars, Subhas, Subedars, Jamadars, Huddas, soldiers, and others without a royal order. In case any person falsely claims that any goods belong to the royal palace Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4, report the matter to us, and act as ordered. The households which are under obligation to provide Hulak services in this manner shall be exempted from the Saunefagu and others levies Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4, as well as from compulsory labor-obligations (Jhara, Beth, Begar). However, they shall levy Senma tax on their lands and homesteads as usual. Hulaki porters shall not be evicted from their lands and Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 homesteads. The old Hulak route lay through these villages. But a new one was opened through Sipa subsequently. Now the Hulak route through Sipa has been chosed. The Thaple Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4-Hulakis of Sipa have been removed, and you have been enrolled as Hulaki porters. The Hulaki porters of Sahule village shal provide porterage services up to Simpal, while those of Simpal shall do Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 so up to Baguwa-Kipatya.



^ Payment of Salary

(Bhadra Sudi 9, 1887) (44/83)

Dittha Ganga Singh war ordered to pay Rs 675 as salary with the income accruing from the four courts of law (Adalat).

Rajendra Bikram Festival Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 in Bhaktapur

(Bhadra Sudi 12, 1887) (44/83-84)

Royal order to the Amalis and Rakamis of Bhadgaun: ''Expenses of the Sri Rajendra Bikram festival (Jatra) of Goddess Indrayani in Bhadgaun had been met by you through voluntary Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 contribution in the Vikrama year 1886. Observe that festival in the same manner every year in the fiture. The manager (Chitaidar) of the Taleju Guthi shall provide twelves, torches, and two Juwar Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4-Naikes (?), two Thecho-Rakamis (?), the Salma-Rakami, and the Kerana-Bhansari, four torches each. Each household of dyers (Chhipi) shall supply one banner and the Bhainsi-Bhansari shall supply two bufalloes for Rs Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 1½. The local Amali shall take part in the festival, along with singers and musicians from all over the town.''

^ Payment of Salary

(Aswin Badi 2, 1887) (44/84)

Subba Kulananda Jha was ordered to pay Rs 600 as Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 salary to Khardar Tarantha Acharjyu and Srinath Acharjyua with the revenues of the Parbat mines and the Beni-Beglung mint.

Supply of Cloth

(Aswin Badi 3, 1887) (44/85)

Kaji Bekhtwar Singh was ordered to pay Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4: with revenued collocted in Palpa:-

(1) Rs 1,248 in dhyak paisas (i.e. two-paisa coins) to Rajendra as the price of cloth supplied to the Tosakhana.



(2) Rs 4,464 and five annas Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 through Purohit Yudunath Pandit as ritual gifts during religious ceremonies performed in the Vikrama years 1885 and 1886.

^ Guthi Endowment for Srikalika Temple

(Aswin Badi 8, 1887) (44/86)

The thum of Purkot in Tanahu, and 1,300 muris of rice-lands had been Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 endowed as Guthi for the temple of Srikalika in Gorkha. This Guthi endowment was now placed under the management of Kalu Thapal.

^ Allowances to Princes of Isma

(Aswin Badi 11, 1887) (44/86-87)

the Ijaradar of Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 the Parbat mines and the Beni-Baglung Mint ordered to pay Rs 500 every year as allowance to (Princes) Benu Prasad Simha and Keshari Jung Bahadur Simha of Isma.

Land-tax Concessions Withdrawn Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 in Mahottari

(Aswin Badi 13, 1887) (44/86-88)

Royal order to the Chaudhari, Jethraiyat, and ryots of Maibanda mouja in Mahottari: ''All land-allotmetn certificates (Patta) granted by Subbas and Thik dars (contractors) under the Panchashala Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 system (of revenve collection), which stipulated payment of land taxes at concessional rates (Kamsarahi), are hereby cancelled, and taxes have been imposed at current rates (Samsarha). Pay taxes on the lands cultivated by you Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 to the Thikedar at current rates.

^ Thekbandi in Majhkirat

(Aswin Badi 13, 1887) (88-89)

The thum of Khamtel, which had been assigned as Jagir to Lieuttenants and Jamadars in the army, had been placed under Thekbandi Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 for Rs 800 every year. The Thekbandi had been accepted by Makhateki Rai. He complained that he was unable to collect revenue because the local people were shifting elsewhere and Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 the village was consequently becoming depopulated.



The amount stipulated under the Thekbandi was therefore reduced by Rs 100 to Rs 701 for the year ending Chaitra Sudi 15, 1887. This amount was payable to the Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 Jagirdars.

^ Payment of Allowance:

(Aswin Badi 14, 1887) (44/90)

Local authorities in Salyan were ordered to pay Rs 200 every year with revenue collected in that territory as allowance to Princes Punya Kumari, to enable her to Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 spend her last days in Kashi, India.

^ Cancellation of Land Grant

(Aswin Badi 30, 1887) (44/91)

One Khet (i.e. 100 muris) of rice-lands in Dullu had been assigned to the Ranabhim Paltan as Jagir. In 1887 Vikrama, Kushle Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 Budha obtained a grant of these lands, falsely representing them as waste lands. The grant was therefore cancelled, and Jagadeo Padhya, Bhaudas Padhya, and Maruwa Khadka were ordered to Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 transmit the rents to the Tosakhana every year.



^ More Adminstrative Office of the Rana Period

Adalat Goswara

Central Office of Justice, headed by an officer styled ''judge.'' This office also scrutinized petitions submitted to the Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 Prime Minister regarding claims, etc. (57/214). The Adalat Goswara had Adalats in different districts under its jurisdiction. (57/436-37). The duties and functions of the judge have been enumberated in Sandhiptrasangraha, PP. 143-44.

Butaul Sanafikhana

An office in Butaul Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 which constructed exchange transactions in Nepali and Indain coins. (58/651).

^ Gadimubarak Bandobasta Adda

An office established to collect the Gadimubarak tax levied on the occasion of King Prithvi Bir Bikram Shah Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4's coronation in 1885. (54/62).

Kaccha Janch Adda

Audit office, Such offices appear to have been established in each different. (57/133, 56/418)

^ Kathmabal Bandobast Adda

Central office for forest administration. (54/335).

Kathmandu Potakhana

An office which collected the Pota tax Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 on Birta lands in Kathmandu. (54/39).

Kajhkhand Khani Goswara Adda

An office which was responsible for the management and operation of mines in the central hill region. (57/231).

^ Mukhtiyari Dalan Adda

Accounts audited by the Thapathali Tarf Tarf Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 Ka Bahi Bujhne Goswara Adda were scrutinized by this office. (54/137).



Pokhara Tahasil

The office established in Pokhara to collect revenues from the Rajya of Kaski-Lamjung, which belonged to the Rana Prime Minister Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4. (54/20).

^ Thapathali Tahasil Adda

On Falgun Sudi 9, 1942, an Ijara was issued in the name of Hawaldar Setu Khadka Chhetri to collect revenues from lands that had been assigned as Jagir to General Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 Padma Jung Rana. Payments due under the Ijara were as follows: Rs 2,980 in casd, 141 dharnis of Ghee, 31 dharnis of wax, 500 pieces of homespun cloth, and 10 blankets. These payments were мейд to the Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 Thapathali Tahasil Adda. (54/1-10).

^ Thapathali Bandobast Adda

The Thapathali Bandobast Adda scrutinized Hawaldar Setu Khadka Chhetri's application for the Ijara and referred it to the Prime Minister. (54/4). It was apparently the Prime Minister Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4's Personall Secreteriat.

Thapathali Tarf Tarf Ka Bahi Bujhne Goswara Adda

Apparently the central office auditing the accounts of the personal offices of the Rana Prime Minister and other members of the Rana family. (54/137).

^ Madhesh Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 Bandobast Adda

Central office for Tarai administration. (54/423).


(S. B. Maharjan)

Regmi Research (Private) Ltd,

Kathmandu: April 1, 1975

Regmi Research Series

Year 7, No. 4,

Edited By

Mahesh C. Regmi.




1. Selected Documents of Kartik-Poush,

1887 Vikrama … 61

2. King Rana Bahadur Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 Shah … 73-

3. Fiscal and Labor Obligations of Inhabitants of

Panchasaya-Khola in Nuwakot … 78

4. Activities of the Gurhi Corporation … 79


Regmi Research (Pvt) Ltd,

Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Compiled by Regmi Research (Private) Ltd for private study Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 and research. Not meant for public sale of display.


Selected Documents of Kartik-Poush, 1887 Vikrama


Sappy of Rice

(Kartik Badi 7, 1887)(44/92)

Royal order for the supply of 2,000muris of rice for the Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 fort of Makwanpur,and 1,000 muris for the fort of Hariharpur, with thek remts collected in Bara,Parsa,Rautahat,and Sarlahi doing 1886-87.

Reguletions for Palpa

(Kartik Badi8, 1887) (44/93-95)

Reguletions promulgated in the names of Dittha Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 Anup Singh Adhikari and Mukhiya Gajendra Dhwaj Jaisi.

1. Proceed to Palpa immediately and accept chargo of official documents from Kaji Bakahtwar Simha Thapa.

2. Make a detailed serutiny of all accounts of Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 revenue and expenditure in the hill and Tarai areas of Palpa, Gulmi, Argha, and Khanchi, and determine the amount which should accrue the government every year,Find out whether any one has Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 been able to conceal any source of revenue from Kaji Bakhtwar Simha Thapa.

3. Ascertain the amount's left after debeting authoris3ed expendidture. Take steps for the realization of arrears of revenue Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4, if any

4. Scrutinize all accounts and documents, and prepare an accurate statement of revenue and expenditure, without any favor to any one.

5. Have uncleared accounts, if any, cleared off in the presence of the Kaji Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4.



Official Deputed to Palpa

(Kartik Badi 8, 1887) (44/95)

Royal order to Mukhiya Gajendradhwaj Jaisi: ''We hereby authorize you and the five nausindas under you to scruptinize the accounts and records of Kaji Bakhtwar Simha Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 Thapa in Palpa, and give clearance. We have confirmed you in the post of Mukhiya. Those of you nausindas that will remain here will function under the supervision of the Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 Dittha of Dafdarkhana. As long as you and your five nausindas remain in Palpa, your monthly salaries and other allowances, clothes, etc. will be provided by Kaji Bakhtwar Simha Thapa. These expenses shall be debited Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 from his accounts.''

^ Appointment of Priest

(Kartik Badi 8, 1887( (44/96)

Ganapati Nepal was reconfirmed as priest of the Sri Kamaru Devi temple in Jhiltung (Dhading district), with twenty muris of rice lands as Guthi.

Collection Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 of Jogi-Mandali Levy

(Kartik Badi 8, 1887) (44/97)

Royal order to local administration and revenue functionaries in the region situated west of the Trishuli river: ''Haranath Joshi has been granted a one-year Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 contract (Ijara) fro the collection of the Jogi-Mandali levy at the rate of one anna from each household of the following communities: Majhi, Kumhal, Darai, Danuwar, Newar, Kushle, Jolaha, Pahari, Kusahari, Kharu, Dhami Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4, Hayu, Sunuwar and Chepang, in addition to eschest property fines, etc. collected from them.'' (This order was promulgated for other parts of the kingdom also on the same date).

^ Watchmen Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 at Pashupati and other Temples

(Kartik Badi 8, 1887) (44/98).

Twelve watchmen were appointed for the Pashupati and other temples in kathmandu on a salary of Rs 10 each per year, payable with the revenues of the four Adalats Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4. The watchmen were granted exemption from Sibhadel, Sahanapal, and other levies, as well as from forced-labor obligations (Jhara, Beth, Begar). The order stated, ''These watchmen whall arrest persons who dirty the Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 temples and produce them before the Itachapli (Adalat).''


^ Exemption of Customs Duty

(Kartik Badi 8, 1887) ( 44/99).

Kaji Bakhtwar Simha Thapa of Palpa was ordered to granated exemption from payment of customs dury on coins exported Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 by twelve traders and one priest.

Appointment of Priest in Temple of Manakamana

(Kartik Badi, 8 1887) (44/99-100)

Royal order to Balawanta Thapa, a descendant of Lakhan Thapa: ''We hererby appoint you as priest in Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 the temple of Sri Manakamana, replacing Srikrishna Thapa. The temple has two khets (i.e. 200 muris of rice lands, and Rs 100 is collected every year from the Serma, Sanuefagu, Chaudhari (on Newars only Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4), Hasil and Hattidana levies, and from escheat property and judicial fines (including fines for Panchakhat offenses), in the village of Kapyang. Of this amount, spend Rs 36 for religious ceremonies in the month Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 of Baisakh, and the same amount in Kartik. The babance of Rs 28 shall be utilized to make ornaments for the dury, after reporting the matter to us through the Guthiyar of Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 the temple. We also place under you management lands (Suwaro) endowed to supply grains feeding pegions at the temple.''

^ Appointment of Dittha

(Kartik Badi, 8 1887) (44/100-01)

Annu Singh Adhikari was appointed Dittha of Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 the Kumarichok, of aduding the accounts of revenue and expenditure in the entire kingdom. The post was previously held by Baka Khatri. He was given a salary of Rs 1,500 a year, with Rs Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 75 each for buying clothes for the Dashain festival, for the winter season, and for the Fagu festival, thereby making a total amount of Rs 225. He was permitted to charge a fee of Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 Rs 5 (?) on every Rs 1,000 of accounts cleared by him. Half of this account was to be credited to the account of the government, and the balance shared by the Dittha and Mukhiyas of he Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 Kumanrichok. (On the same day, Buddhisagar Padhya was appointed Tahabildar (in charge of cash and stores) at the Kumarichok on a salary of Rs 12½ per month.



^ Appointment of Mijhar

(Kartik Badi Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 8, 1887) (44/102)

Mehorman Lahar was appointed Mijhar to adjudicate cases relating to commensal relatives and contamination by water among members of the following communities in Tanahu: Kami, Sunar, Afre, Mahar, Chudera, and Kandara Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4. He was ordered to work at the government munitions factory.

^ Jagir Assignment of Naya Srinath Company

(Kartik Badi 8, 1887) (44/102)

Roya order to Captain Birabhadra Kanwar: ''Thek revenue from Phakphok (in Ilam), which had been assigned Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 as Jagir to the Naya Srinath Company, has been remitted in favor of Kaji Ekla Thok. Rs 571 shall therefore be paid to that company with the Thek revenues of Saptari and Mahottari Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 for the year 1887.

^ Royal Order to Kaji Ekla Thek

(Kartik Badi 8, 1887) (44/103-04)

Roya order to Kaji Ekla Thok, ''In the year 1884 (Vikrama), Thek revenue collected from the homesteads of Limbus at different places in Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 Phakphok in the chainpur region had been assigned to the army. In addition, lel homesteads had been established on waste Raikar lands. Revenue collected from these homesteads, amounting to Rs 324, had been assigned Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 to the Naya Srinath Company in the year 1885. Of this amount, Rs 287 had been remitted in 1886, thus leaving a balance of Rs 37. We have now remitted this amount too on your request Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4.''

Payment of Salaries

(Kartik Badi 8, 1887) (44/104)

(1) Subba Kulananda Jha war ordered to make payment of the following amounts of salaries to the following emplpyes of Nasalchok (at the Manumdhoka Palace in Kathmandu) with the Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 revenues of the Parbat mines and the Bani-Baglung mint for the year 1887:-



Jagatji … Rs 205 Nain Singh Basnyat … Rs 100

Indrabir … Rs 100 Inchchharam … Rs 20

Manbir … Rs 20.

(2) Kaji Ajambar Panta Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4, Dittha Kalidas, and Dittha Anup Simha Adhikari were ordered to pay Rs 100 as salary to Subba Dhokal, and Rs 300 to Sribhagat, for the year 1887 with fees collected at the Kumarichok.

^ Sexual Offenses

(Kartik Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 Badi 8, 1887) (44/104-10)

Dharmadhikar's order:-

(1) Sim Narayan Nakarmi, of Kamalchhi To (in Kathmandu), is proved to have kept Apilaxmi, a Kasai woman, as his wife for the past twenty-seven years, taken cooked food Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 and water from her hands, and contaminated others also in the same manner.

(2) Indrajalaki, a Sarki woman, is proved to have been entered the houses of several persons, contaminated water with her Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 touch, and committed sexual intercourse with high-caste people, suppresson information about her caste, and falsely claiming to be a slave.

(3) Chimi, a slave-girl owned by Sher Mardan Karki, is proved Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 to have committed sexual intercorses with Pun Narayan, a Dhobi, since Falgun 1886, kept the affair secret, then committed sexual intercourse with a Newar called Dhirjasing, and allowed others to use water contaminated by her Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 touch.

(4) Since Shrawan 1882, Tejalaxmi, a Newar woman, is noe proved to have committed sexual intercourse with two Kasis and Newars Kushles of Patan and Bhadgaun, in addition to several Newars, kept these Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 affairs secret, falsely claimed to be of the Shrestha caste before people with whom shared commensal contaminated by her touch.



(5) Since Falgun Sudi 3, 1886, Chigadhi, a Newar woman, is proved Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 to have committed sexual intercourse with Suman Miyan, a Muslim, involved her relatives in commensal relations, allowed other persons to use water contaminated by her touch.

(6) Since Falgun, 1886, Alapi, a Damai woman of Lyanglyang Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4, and Benu Padhya Subedi of Manthali, are proved to have had sexual relations.

(7) Ajambar Putwar, whose nose had been cut off and who had undergone expiation (Prayas-Chitta) on the charge of Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 commiting sexual intercourse with a Kulu woman, appears to have entered the Nasalchok, Mulchok and other courts at the royal palace.

(8) Chandri, a Khas woman, is proved to have committed Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 sexual intercouses with a man of the Chyamkhalak caste. Staying at the temple of Sri Guhyeshwari, she appears to have allowed several persons to use water contaminated by her touch.

(9) Kabircha, a Kushle living Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 at Nhugal Tol, is proved to hae falsely claimed to be the brother of the wax monopolist (Main-Bhansari), of the Shrestha Newar caste, entered into the residence of Sharanabhadra Kunwar, allowed Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 others to use the Lookesh contaminated by his touch, and offered sweetments purchased by him to Ham=(sa)=bir Khadka.

(10) In 1879, Subbedra Karkasi was alleged to have committed sexual intercourse Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 with Dublya Chandara. In 1886, a trial by ordeal was held at the Koteling (Adalat), in which she lost.

(11). In Ashadh, 1884, Binya Thapa, of Kalapatal village in Parbat, is proved to have committed sexual intercourse Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 with Dhuma, a Kami woman.

(12) In Shrawan 1886, Ratnya, a Newar of Thecho village, is proved to have committed sexual intercourse with Dipa, a Dum woman, with full knowledge of Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 her caste. The foetus was aborted during the fourth month of pregnancy. Ratjya been went to Jumla as a pipa in the company stationed there, and let water contaminated by his touch Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 be used by several persons.

(13) Nekusing, also a in the company stationed there, and let water contaminated by his touch be used by several persons.

(13) Nekusing, also a pipa, is proved to have Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 committed a similar offense, and let water contaminated by his tocuh be used by several persons.


(14) In 1885, Gaindya, a slave, is proved to hae committed sexual intercourse with Devakanya, a Sarki woman Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4, in Chuplu (Chisankhu).

(15) In Bhadra 1885, Ganga Sarki of Chuplu is proved to have committed sexual intercourse with Kanti, a Khas woman.

(16) In 1886, Dabalya Mainali of Pakarbas is proved to have committed Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 sexual intercourse with Bihiri, a Sarki woman.

(17) Kamre Chimse, a Damai, is proved to have committed sexual intercourse with two slave-girls, Chyauki and Chimi, and the year 1885.

(18) In Magh 1885, Deo Singh Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 Thapa Magar, of Jutugaun in Palpa, is proved to have committed to have sexual intercourse with Shivakali, a Sarki woman.

(19) In Marga 1879, Dibi, a Sanyasi woman, and Hirya a Damai woman, were proved to Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 have been involved in adultery in the vollage of Gorpagaun in Pyuthan.

(20) Sasim Bidha, of Rolpa village in Palla-Salyana, is proved to have committed sexual intercourse with a Kami woman Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4.

(21) In the village of Dandagaun in Salyan, the slave of Pitambar Pandit is proved to have committed sexual intercourse with Kanji, a Kami woman.

(22) Damya Rout of Musikot is proved to Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 have committed sexual intercourse with Biddha, a Damai woman.

(23) Kasya, a slave of Dang in Salyan, and Bari, a Sarki woman of Chyanagaun, are proved to have committed sexual intercourse.

(24) Dhanya Rana is Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 proved to have committed sexual intercourse with Lyanki, a Kami woman of Sutrikot in Salyan.

(25) Kalwars appear to have let others use cooked food and water contaminated by their touch for several Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 years past.

For many years past, there have been cases of contamination (Samsarga) by such offenders (Pa[.]taki). We have had expiation done for these offenses. Report the cases accuretaly to local

Contd Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4……………


Subear and the functionary deputed there by the Dharmadhikar, offer fees as follows for the book (Pustak), obtain a certificate (purji) of exiaption (Pra[.]yaschitta), and perform expiation.

In case any person evades Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 the performance of expiation as mentioned above, shall not be allowed to perform any religious ceremony for the gods (Havya), or for ancestors (Kavya), and no one shall be permitted Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 to use water contaminated by his touch.

^ Schedule of Feeds

Contamination through Contamination through

the use of cooked food the use of water

(for each household) (for each household)

First offerender Rs 7 8 annas

Second '' Rs 3½ 4 annas

Third '' Rs 1¼ 2 annas

Fourth Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 '' - 1 annas

^ Abolition of Jagir Land Assignments

(Kartik Badi 8, 1887( (44/110-11)

The lands assigned as Jagir in the Tarai districts to elephant-keepers, grasscutters, tailors, etc. comprisingthe royal entourage were registered at the renenue Office Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 (Mal). They were therefore paid salaries in cash amounting to Rs 3,054.

^ Exchange of Jagir Lands

(Kartik Badi 8, 1887) (44/111)

With effect from the Vikrama year 1888, certain lands assigned as Jagir to the Srinatha Kampu Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 were reassioned to the Gorakbaksha Paltan, and vice-versa.

Chhap Lands of Prime Minister Bhimsen Thapa

(Kartik Badi 8, 1887) (44/111-12).

General Bhimsen Thapa had been granted lands on Chhap tenure in Tistung. He was granted exemption Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 from the Jhara, Gol, Seunefagun, and other levies and obligations on these lands.


^ Irrigation Channel in Gadkhar

(Kartik Badi 8, 1887) (44/112)

The inhabitansts of Kabilas (Nuwakot district) were enrolled for the repair and maintenance of the new Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 irrigation channel constructed at Gadkhar. They were granted exemption from other Jhara obligations.

^ Roya Orderto Santoshanath Yogi

(Kartik Badi 8, 1887) (44/112-13)

''We hereby grant you one mouja of Kalabanjar lands at Deupur Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 in Belod, Marjyadpur district. Use the flowers grown on these lands for worship at the Sri Mukundanath temple in Deughat. Appropriate the money and other offerings мейд by pilgrims and other persons, and function Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 as priest.''

This royal order had been issued in the name of Santoshanath Yogi. In 1880 Vikrama. Harshadeo Thapa obtained an order from the Chautariya, and claimed ownership of the lands as well Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 as the post of priest. The original royal order was then reconfirmed.

^ Prohibition to Collect Interest

(Kartik Badi 8, 1887) (44/113-14)

The following royal order to the creditors of Danuwars of Satgaun, had been Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 issued in 1830 Vikrama:-

''You have been supplying loans to the poepl in money and in paddy, and reelising twince or even thrice the amounts so supplied. You are thus harassing the people, and Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 converting their children into bondsmen or slaves. You are therefore forbidden to collect any interest on loans in the fufure, although you may recover the principle amounts. In case you convert any one into Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 a bondsmen or slave through force or pressure, you shall be severely punished.''

This order was reconfirmed on Kartik Badi 8, 1887.



^ Judicial Administration in Mujhkirat

(Kartik Badi 8, 1887) (44/114-16)

Complaints were received (1) that Bicharis Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 deputed to dispense justice in the Majhkirat region, which is situated between the Dudhkosi and Arun rivers in the eastern hills, sent more peons to the villages than the number permitted by Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 the regulations, (2) that Hulaki officials disposed of complaints submitted by non-Hulaki ryots, and (3) that the peons collected foodgrains and others provisions without any payment.

The government thereupon directed that Bicharis should Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 hold sessions only at Khotang, Khikamachha, Kharpa, and Halesi, and pronounce judegement after hearing both sides. Bicharis were forbiddeb to appoint in peons in excess of the number prescribed in the regulations Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4. Other points contained in the order were as follows: (1) Bicharis shall not sendd their men to the villages to dispose justice. (2) Hulaki officials shall not dispose of complaints submitted by Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 non-Hulaki ryots. (3) Peons sent by Bicharis may collected provisions only from those persons who are to be arrested, or from whom payments are due. (4) Revenue contractors may collected provisions only from Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 those persons from whom payments are due. They shall not collect any extra contact the district-level revenue functionary (Jailladar), identify the tenant (Mohi), and collected provisions frim him until the rents are Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 paid. They shall not demand provisions from the district-level revenue functionary, or from other ryots.

^ Thekbandi in Pyuthan

(Kartik Badi 8, 1887) (44/116-118).

Three villages in Pyuthan, Neparyagaun, Langselgaun, and Kasyarigaun, had been assigned to Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 the munitions factory. However, Mukhiya Biru Khadka of Kasyari village were unable to discharge their duties satisfactorily. Consequnently, that village was ruined. Biru Khadka was therefore dismissed, and Thekbandi revenue-colloction Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 arrangements, as мейд during the settlement of 1882 Vikrama, were recorfirmed for all these three villages. Particulars are as follows:-



Neparya Langsela Kasyari

1. No. of households 5 12 12

2. Serma tax Rs 2/14 annas Rs 3/8 Rs 6/6

3. Saunefagu tax 6 annas Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 Rs 1/8 Rs 1/7/1

4. Asmani revenue Rs 1/10 - Rs 3/8/2

5. Thekbandi payment Rs 4/14 Rs 5 Rs 11/5/3

Total Thekbandi revenue

From the three villages --- Rs 21/3/3

Asmani revenue from Kagat-

Hulaki households --- Rs 1/8

do. from these households Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 in

Kasyari appointed to work

in government offices at

Sikowadanda --- ^ Rs 1/8

Total --- Rs 22, annas 11 and paisa 3.

Jhara Labor Services

(Kartik Badi 8, 1887) (119)

(1) All inhabitants of Purano Lingling in Purano-Salyan, other than Kagate-Hulaki and Thaple-Hulaki posters, and Brahmans Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4, were ordered to provide Jhara labor services for the construction of an iron fort at Bagphale.

(2) The inhabitants of all villages in Pyuthan were similarly ordered to provide Jhara Regmi Research (Private) Ltd - 4 labor services for the construction of irrigation channels and embankments, and transport stones and grinding-stones fro gunpowder and munitions factories.